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Success at HMP Littlehey


Ever since One to One Maths was introduced in HMP Littlehey in September 2017, the initiative has gone from strength to strength in this prison. We regularly receive progress reports with glowing feedback from mentors and mentees alike, and to this day a staggering 700 One to One Maths books have been completed at this […]

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Remarkable progress in HMP Littlehey


After visiting HMP Littlehey in Cambridgeshire this week, we’re absolutely delighted to share that the achievement presentation included handing out a whopping 84 One to One Maths certificates – potentially a record number since we started our initiative in prisons across the UK. We’re really enthused to see the remarkable progress demonstrated at this prison […]

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Good news from HMP Usk


On 19th December, our Co-Founder Don visited HMP Usk to meet a very active One to One Maths group of both mentor and mentee prisoners. This prison buzzes with real energy and vitality with 22 mentors with 26 mentees/learners all working together to improve numeracy. During November they completed 389 sessions. During Don’s visit, 13 certificates were awarded […]

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Certificates from One to One Maths


At One to One Maths, we award certificates to prisoners performing well on the peer education scheme. This Certificate of Achievement is given to a mentee/learner when he or she (we have female prisoners doing One to One Maths at HMP Drake Hall) has completed a book. A certificate is given with each book completed […]

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One to One Maths expands in South West prisons


On Tuesday Don Gillianders (C0-Founder, One to One Maths) met with Barry Rees, the Cluster Head of Learning and Skills for the prisons in the South West. We’re delighted to relay that Barry is very impressed with the One to One Maths initiative and believes that it would greatly benefit the prisons in the SW, […]

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One to One Maths now in Whatton prison


We’re delighted to announce that One to One Maths has been introduced to Whatton Prison. This is a Category C prison, located in Nottinghamshire and holding over 800 prisoners. The One to One Maths programme will commence in the new year. Prisoners will benefit from our peer-to-peer maths mentoring scheme and learn new skills, working […]

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Progress in prisons – Oct 2016


Don Gillianders, Co-Founder of One to One Maths, has spent the last two weeks visiting a number of prisons across the UK where the charity has a presence. We’re delighted to provide a brief summary of the success at each of those prisons: HMP Bullingdon, Bicester 7 mentees have successfully completed 10 books (each book […]

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