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Success at HMP Littlehey


Ever since One to One Maths was introduced in HMP Littlehey in September 2017, the initiative has gone from strength to strength in this prison.

We regularly receive progress reports with glowing feedback from mentors and mentees alike, and to this day a staggering 700 One to One Maths books have been completed at this prison.

Last week, our founder Don visited HMP Littlehey to attend the latest achievement event. This time, Don was able to present a fantastic 63 certificates to inmates participating in the One to One Maths scheme.

This is a massively encouragement development which demonstrates that our peer-to-peer maths programme is as strong as ever at Littlehey. There are mentors on each wing which means that evidently word has spread about the benefits of being involved in One to One Maths.

Don chatted with Ian Stewart, Functional Skills Manager at the prison. Ian reported that he is convinced the mentoring scheme has increased the confidence of many of the prisoners (known as ‘residents’), with a considerable number subsequently signing up for the formal education classes.

The prisoners are now organising a competition to celebrate two years of success of the programme, and they are offering a prize – a calculator – to the person who can correctly predict when the 1000th book will be issued. Clues have been placed on the notice boards in education and the wings; namely charts showing the number of books completed each month.

It is heartening to see the continued progress and success of One to One Maths at HMP Littlehey and we’d like to thank the dedicated residents and staff at the prison for championing the benefits of peer-to-peer maths education!

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