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Certificates from One to One Maths


At One to One Maths, we award certificates to prisoners performing well on the peer education scheme. This Certificate of Achievement is given to a mentee/learner when he or she (we have female prisoners doing One to One Maths at HMP Drake Hall) has completed a book.

A certificate is given with each book completed (there are 10 books in all). Incidentally a book comprises 36 sessions and the mentee also receives a mug with his/her certificate.

The Certificate of Appreciation is given to a mentor when his first mentee has successfully completed a book. The mentor only receives the one certificate – not a certificate for every mentee.

Our Co-Founder Don attended HMP Hewell in Redditch towards the end of December where a ‘Celebration Event’ was held in the prison chapel. There were over 50 prisoners present where many received certificates and awards for their success on the courses provided by the prison. Those courses are both educational and vocational.

It was a great atmosphere and all credit should be given to the staff at Hewell prison for all their hard work and commitment to improve the lives and future prospects of the prisoners.

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