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5 reasons to donate to One to One Maths


As a charity, One to One Maths often finds itself relying on the generosity of supporters to help fund the work it undertakes across the UK.

Here are five very good reasons to donate to One to One Maths and ensure we can carry on supporting prisoners:

1. We provide a positive experience of learning

An inmate’s motivation to learn is extremely important, as very many prisoners have had negative experiences of formal education. Simply shutting them in a classroom is unlikely to have any positive effect.
Through encouragement, support and a ‘can-do’ spirit, our mentors assist and support the mentees to gain an understanding of maths, thus helping them to make a new start and gain confidence.

2. We know what we do works!

One to One Maths has received really positive feedback from mentors, mentees and prison staff alike.

Due to the nature of our work and the importance of privacy for prisoners, we’re often unable to share first-hand accounts of the impact of our work. You can however visit the feedback page to read some testimonials of our work, along with a statement from Chris Haggett, Learning and Skills Manager at HMP Long Lartin.

“One to One Maths gave me the tools and the capability to achieve success, and now I am using these skills to mentor my colleagues”.


3. We’re a small charity and the money really makes a difference

When you make a donation to One to One Maths, it really does go directly to the ‘on-the-ground’ work in prisons. We have almost no overheads and run the charity voluntarily, so your donations enable us to purchase more equipment, reach more prisons, and develop more materials to directly support inmates.

You’re not paying for a wage or an office electricity bill – you really are helping inmates across the UK!

4. We’re currently in 30 prisons – and we want to be in more

You can see the list of prisons in which we currently operate mentoring schemes here.

We work hard to visit new prisons and introduce our scheme as often as possible, and overwhelmingly the feedback to our presentation is positive. Your donations allow us to put the wheels in motion quicker, and therefore positively impact the lives of more inmates across the country.

5. Your donations are doubled!

Finally, thanks to Charity Checkout, anything you can give to One to One Maths is doubled. That means your money has twice the reach and impact than usual.

It’s a real coup to have this opportunity via Charity Checkout, so if you’re thinking of making a donation – just remember that whatever you can give will be matched.

Please consider donating today.


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