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Progress in prisons – Oct 2016


Don Gillianders, Co-Founder of One to One Maths, has spent the last two weeks visiting a number of prisons across the UK where the charity has a presence. We’re delighted to provide a brief summary of the success at each of those prisons:


HMP Bullingdon, Bicester

7 mentees have successfully completed 10 books (each book contains 36 lessons which take about 20/30 mins each lesson).

HMYOI Glen Parva, Leicestershire

This is a young persons’ prison. One to One Maths has just been introduced with 4 new mentors who are very upbeat. We will report back soon!

HMP Oakwood, Wolverhampton

There are 10 mentees on three wings of the prison all successfully completing our One to One Maths books under the guidance and support of excellent mentors. We intend to extend One to One Maths throughout the other wings in the prison.

HMP Stafford

The scheme has just started at Stafford. There are 9 mentees having completed 14 books.

HMP Usk, Wales

One to One Maths was introduced to this prison some two years ago. Over 200 prisoners have enrolled in the scheme; around 400 certificates have been presented (a certificate is given when a prisoner completes a book) and it is believed that 60% of those mentees and taken up maths as a subject in the classroom.

Great news!

The support and encouragement from the prison executive staff in all the prisons without exception has been amazing.

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